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Debt Management - Canada

Consider the following options to help manage your debts

  • Work it out yourself with personal budgeting

  • Consolidate your bills by borrowing more money from a debt consolidation lender

  • Contact debt management consultants such as non-profit consumer credit counseling services

  • Make a consumer proposal to your creditors

  • File for bankruptcy

For example, you may require a debt consolidation loan to consolidate your debts into one monthly payment; or, you may need consumer credit counseling. It is also possible that you will need to sell your house or your car to reduce your monthly expenses. Consulting with a licensed bankruptcy trustee about filing a formal consumer proposal to your creditors might be something that would help you.

An experienced bankruptcy trustee can help you analyze each of the available options against your specific circumstances and then you can make an informed decision in choosing a debt management solution that is best for you.

This site provides free information about personal bankruptcy in Canada and personal bankruptcy alternatives in Canada.

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