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What if I am a Farmer in Financial Difficulty?

At Alger & Associates Inc. we recognize the challenging times currently facing the agricultural industry. Our professionals have extensive experience in the agricultural industry and are uniquely qualified to assist you in this area, which, aside from possessing certain unique treatments under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act, also possesses unique treatments under various other governing acts, including:

  • Farm Debt Mediation Act

  • Livestock Products Act

  • Livery Stable Keepers Act

  • Crop Payments Act

  • Possessory Liens Act

  • Dairy Industry Act

In response to inquiries arising from the current state of the beef industry, we have prepared the following information paper on this industry for interested readers.

Information Paper - Bankruptcy and Insolvency Issues Related to the Beef Industry - July, 2004 - (PDF - 383K)

Michael Costello, one of our associates based in Calgary, has in-depth experience in a financial restructuring role with a large publicly traded agri-business company with ranching, feeding and meat packing operations, as well being our lead representative in our current role as trustee for a bankrupt cattle brokerage company.

Sharon Stapley, our Red Deer based trustee, has been personally involved in the agricultural industry through her experiences raising crops and livestock. These experiences have given her a strong agricultural background and practical personal contacts. The combination of her knowledge of insolvency, CCRA issues, and her hands-on experience in the agricultural industry results in value-added expertise.

To find out more about the specific services of Alger & Associates Inc. please click on one of the links located in the navigation bar to the left of this page. To speak to an Alger & Associates professional about how we can help your organization, please contact Our Team.



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